Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer tease.

Summertime is full of sunshine and music, so I thought why not preview some band t's. Here you go:
My friend Kory has this shirt. It's sweet, trust me I've seen it in person:
(My favorite songs: Summer Tongues (it has summer in the title),
(For $16.00 you can have this, from Anchor & Braille)

I couldn't do this without a shirt from these classy guys:
(Music: Rhythm of Love
(For $20.00 you can have this, from the Plain White T's)

I've never heard of the band for this next shirt, but I really like it...Is that allowed?
(My choice: I Can't Wait (It's a good song)
(For $15 you can run around in this shirt, from Runner Runner)

All these bands, shirts and more can be accessed here.

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