Sunday, May 13, 2012

My mom is Superwoman

I've heard it said, “A mother sets the tone for her entire family’s day in the first ten minutes she’s awake.”
- It's a stone in the shape of a heart.

My Mom is...
1. Beautiful
2. Selfless
3. Spirit-filled
4. Spontaneous
5. Full of life (also her favorite number)
6. Passionate
7. Positive
8. Talkative
9. Wise (<-- That's her maiden name ;)
10. Funny
11. Athletic
12. Loving
13. Joyful
14. God's child (my favorite number)
15. Fierce
16. Sensitive
17. Forgiving
18. a friend
19. a prayer warrior
20. my role model
21. Superwoman

One for each year I have been blessed to be with my mom, Cathryn Lynn (Wise) Parke.  She has taught me so much, and I love calling her on the phone while I'm at school to hear her lively, encouraging voice.  She has such a solid faith, rooted in Christ. She exemplifies Christ in so many ways.  She wakes up every morning and sends me a text message (a Bible verse), feeds the horses, sends my sister to school, works, takes care of my grandma who lives with us, takes care of the horses, keeps the house going and regularly attends church and women's Bible studies and prayer meetings. No, my mom is not perfect - she has been broken, but not conquered.  I can't wait to see how God continues to use my mom in mighty ways, and moms all over the world.  Happy Mother's Day! 
(This is for you Chloe ;) We love our Mom.  I see a lot of similarities between my mom and Sarah Palin. Both forces to be reckoned with.
Thankful Our Mom Chose Life =)


  1. Hello Caleb,
    You are a wonderful son and person! I am so honored that God allowed me to be your mother. Of all the people on earth throughout all the ages, he has blessed me with the four of you above to care for and most importantly, teach about you about God himself and who you are in God.
    I believe you are well started on that path and it makes my heart sing. As the Bible says "A mother is on the right path when her children rise up and call her blessed.
    I am not kidding when I say that my children make me a good mother. Once you are on the path with God - my work is nearly done. All I need to do now is cheer you on!!!
    I love you more each day as I see the person the Lord is molding to make you into His image.
    You are brilliant, wonderful, and one of God's special ones.
    You stand in a very elite group of young people because you have realized what God has for you and you have started down the path of serving Him while many others your age are being deceived and led astray - some for years.
    Thank you Lord for my wonderful children, and especially for Caleb and his dogged, steadfast heading toward you Lord.
    You inspire me, your Mother.