Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here's to things changing.

Come Back Down by Greg Laswell (feat. Sara Bareilles)
This song has a transitional tone to it, much like my life right now.
My Junior year ended (more to come about school), I'm at home (more to come on that), and I'm about to start an internship in Washington D.C. (more to come on that, too!)

I'm working on summer goals:
I definitely want to work on my pride, and I've been focusing on self-control lately.
I listened to a decent amount of Greg Laswell and I encourage you to as well.

Also, check out this song that my friend, Bekah, just posted on facebook.


  1. the lyrics in the Greg Laswell song remind me of another song, "Off We Go" by Trent Dabbs ft. Erin McCarly

    "At this stage you just gotta learn to breathe
    Gotta leave what's left, sometimes for better things now
    No one's gonna do it for you"

    and the album that song's from is called "Transition" :)

  2. Whoah! That's so cool. I'm going to have to check that out! Thanks Beks!