Saturday, August 4, 2012

If You Could Ask Any Question...

You've read about Israel. You've seen it in the news. You may know everything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but you have to have some difficult questions.

Now is the time to ask. Send me your questions about Israel, Hebrew, the Middle East, the history of Israel, or really whatever you want to know about Israel. You have until August 10th.

This could be as simple as 'what traffic is like' to 'who is Israel's greatest threat?' or even 'what is your favorite part about Israel or a specific site?' Do you want to know how to say something in Hebrew? Get creative.

If I cannot answer it from my personal experience here (which may be likely unless your question is specifically for me), then I can ask my tour guide, Avi. He is a Jew from New York, and he knows his history, Christian, Jewish and even more.

Avi leading us through Matt. 5 at the Mount of the Beatitudes.
In fact, I challenge you to ask a question that Avi can't answer.

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  1. Cool
    What did Israelis think about the special treatment the Ultra Orthodox Jews got from the government, like the recently un-renewed law that excepted them from military service. Also, what is the public opinion over there about Romeney's quote about how Israeli culture helped them achieve economic success, it annoyed a lot of Palestinians.
    Have fun!