Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4: Instagram Israel

"Ma nishma? " - How are you? (in plural)
"Hakol tov." - Everything's good.
-- via my Israeli friend, Emil.

And it keeps getting better! This whirlwind experience in Israel has me trying to capture moments through pictures and my lame attempt at using words.

We started the day on the Mount of Olives breathing in the air that some describe as being like wine. You can see our view of Jerusalem, which lies on Mount Moriah, and also contains the Dome of the Rock in the picture below. King Solomon was able to build the temple because he was a peaceful king, unlike David who was a warrior king.

L-R: me, Lindsey, Vika, Victor & Avi, our tour guide showing us a map.
And Lindsey 'loves' that I'm using that picture of her. (sarcasm)
All of this seems surreal writing it, but we visited the Garden of Gethsemane. I was surprised that the garden was not the luscious, green gardens that I'm used to in Ohio, but it had less vegetation and when Jesus fell, he hit the rough ground.

Next we visited the pool at Bethesda, where Jesus performed a miracle on the Sabbath. It was cool to see the original pool and picture Jesus performing this miracle.

We visited two sites that may be the site of the death (the Cross) and the burial and resurrection (the empty Tomb) of Christ. I don't know if either site is the actual place where it happened. All that matters, is that IT DID HAPPEN. He is Risen; He is Risen Indeed! One of the many reasons I love Easter.

L-R: Avi, Jon, Ana, group, me and Destiny.

We (me, Jon & Eric) experienced the Arab marketplace, working the shopkeepers, who too often tried to rip us off. They might've succeeded on John's green and black scarf as pictured above, but I definitely won with Jerusalem soccer jersey.  In fact, at the Tower of David light show, one of the workers asked me where I got my jersey and proceeded to tell me that I was wearing an historic jersey.

Then when we got back to the hotel, a few of us decided to worship on the patio behind our hotel, overlooking the lights of the city of Jerusalem. As we sang and prayed to God, more people kept joining in. It was so powerful and so humbling.

My day started and ended with viewing the expanse of the city of Jerusalem, the Holy City.

God keeps reminding me that He is making me new. Behold, in God, we are made into a new creation. There is hope in Jesus. Restoration. In Israel. In You. In Me. Amen.

Definitely one of my favorite pictures I've taken.


  1. I "love" that you're using that pic of me. (sarcasm)
    :)Honored to have made your blog!

  2. Dang you really got to see some cool stuff, and you have some pretty nice photo compilations to accompany it... cool!