Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm related to George Washington's wife and...

Today was free slurpee day at Seven-Eleven, and we had our first Webinar with the one and only, Darin Miller (known more commonly at LI as Emily's husband or the one with voluptuous hair).  Darin and Patty Simpson had a live webcast from the LI Studios - and I snagged a photo with them:
Darin is awesome. He's the one that told me about Grove City College. I met him campaigning in Ohio, the summer of 2010 (you know, the midterm elections where Republicans had historic victories). We were roommates, and we campaigned like it was our job (it might've been...). 

But before the Webinar, I was about to leave the 5th floor to go to the Studios, when Chris, the head guy in Grassroots, stopped me to talk. He told that he wanted to lead the interns on a historical tour in Alexandria. That is if the interns are interested. And I'm pretty sure we're interested - Chris excels in the field of History. I've always known I was related to George Washington through marriage, (his wife).  And because of that, Christ let me know that I'm also related to General Robert E. Lee's wife. Life changed forever. Now I really want to tour the land where my ancestors walked and lived.
So, was today a good day? You bet it was!

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