Friday, May 25, 2012

Sites, Strangers & Guac...It's Friday night!

Today for work, Eliza (our Fearless leader - she looks like T. Swift) sent us on a scavenger hunt to traverse D.C. with an all-day metro pass and no other means of transportation. We couldn't use our phones or the internet, but we could use strangers and the actual sites. There were four teams. (Mine was the best, because we were the only team with four, and not three). Our team name? Four Freedom!

First stop: the Kennedy Center. Then we split into 2 groups. Abbey and me. Danielle and Ryan. Lunch a.k.a. shovel food down with the other teams and pretend like you're not in a hurry. Then finish finding the other stuff in the hot sun until 4:30. My team won! $25 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. Worth it? I think so.
The best might've been when Ryan and Danielle paid a homeless person 75 cents to find out where the Boy Scouts Memorial is located.  The other was watching Abbey talk to every person within a half-mile radius of us.  Abbey also managed to network with three interns in the process. Go Abbey!
Metro Ride with random vacationing family (they're cut off, but they have three beautiful kids).
From L-R: random dad, Abbey, Danielle, Me!, and Ryan (he's my roommate!), random mom

We came back to the house pretty much dead, but we proceeded to have a party in the kitchen, mostly because everyone was eating dinner at the same time.

Guacamole with Mandy, a week after we'd said we were going to make it.
And the girl in the middle is Pamela, haha, I forgot to add her to the description. My b.
I can now say I've made Guacamole without my sister. Impressed? I'm growing up sooooo fast.

Now, it's our first Friday night, and we are not sure what to do. I mean we are Conservatives and most of us are Christians, some of us are Catholic (that's a joke! I know they're pretty much the same thing ;)  But seriously, what should we do?!?!

Right now, we're watching hockey. I'm a new fan. Unfortunately my team, the Penguins, are out, so I'm a neutral viewer. My clothes are in the dryer waiting to be folded. 

Here's to Friday night! Any suggestions on what we should do? Even for future reference...

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