Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep Calm & Feed a Donkey

Today I fought stress:
The De-stress fair was a nice escape from the high stress atmosphere that is Grove City.
It was in our Student Union, the Breen Student Union, but EVERYONE calls it the SAC. (I'm serious, even our profs do)
Not sketchy enough? If there were drug deals, this may or may not be where they are done. Just saying.
2:00 Sitting at a table with Molly working on BizStats (Business Statistics) and listening to some smooth music. There were multiple singers, from piano to "This Love" by Maroon 5.
Then I tried the flavored water...not very good. I'd rather just drink plain water.
One of my favorites, LEGOS!
Then coloring with crayons (it's interesting to see how people say this word. I say it the right way.) This is my friend, Hillary btw and she is awesome. She always knows how to make me laugh.
My friend, we'll call her Michelle, even thought that is technically not her first name, went outside with me. We had to carefully plan the exact time we would go outside because in this bubble in Western PA, you never know when it might start raining, snowing, hurricaning, etc...We planned well as you can see here:
Petting Zoo! Llama! (Look at its eyes, kind of scary)
We could feed them too!
My favorite might've been the donkey. They're really cool and they have a cross on the their back. Legend has it that the cross is there because the donkey carried Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus...back to the petting zoo.
And I quote, "Ouch, that was my hand. Emphasis on was."
If this little guy doesn't help you get rid of your stress, you might need some life changes.
I think the weather got to him; I hope he makes it!
My friend, Whitney and her red flower pot and balloon,which is currently affixed to the ceiling of the SAC.
Finally, I got a sticker and put it on my prayer journal. Because the only true way to combat stress is to give our lives fully to Jesus Christ, more than Superman, a Savior.

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