Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Final Ryan Rally in the Buckeye State

Republican vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, made his last appearance in the Buckeye state in Vienna, Ohio. A group of Grove City College students attended the rally. We left at 4:00 pm, listening to Taylor Swift's album, Red, in hopes to paint our country Red today on Election Day.

Ohio state treasurer, Josh Mandel, was definitely our favorite speaker before the vice-presidential candidate. He worked the ropeline and after he was done, we anxiously waiting.

After standing in the cold, feet almost completely numb, Paul Ryan arrived on the "Believe in America" Romney campaign plane as only a rockstar would, over a half hour fashionably late to a crowd that on a cold night, was fired up.

His three children led out of the plane followed by Ryan and his wife as they exited the plane to a roaring crowd and energetic music. Ryan's wife and kids gracefully took the stage and then sat down as he started into his powerful speech.

Ryan began by thanking everyone for their hard work. He spoke about his connection to the Buckeye state as an alumni to Miami University. He talked about how Romney is the man for the moment and how our country and state of Ohio can't afford four more years.

Comparing the campaign to football, appealing to Buckeyes, Ryan said, "We’re in the home stretch. This is the final countdown. The red zone is here."

My favorite part was when Ryan shouted, "O-H!" and the crowd responded accordingly, "I-O!" 

I also shook Paul Ryan's hand and looked into his eyes. He has a great handshake further proving to me that he is a man of integrity, respect and enthusiasm. 

Does Ryan help Romney win the game?

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